25 June 2019

Art Exhibition

Our Year 12 Art Students have completed a workshop at Sunderland Glass Centre and their art work is now on display in Washington Arts Centre. The exhibition is called “People's Pyrex” and references the glass industry of Sunderland and Washington. You can visit the exhibition anytime should you wish to (and can contribute any Pyrex!). The exhibition will be open from 21 June – 27 July with a celebration event on Saturday 27 July. More details can be found on the Arts Centre Washington website. The students involved were Leah Cardwell Charlie Cook Elle Curryer Ellena Hindmarsh Eliza Wood In the image, the works are ‘HORIZON’ restyled by Leah Sky Cardwell (on the larger wall) and ‘DOTS’ remix by Charlie Cook. All other students work are in the sample book on view in the exhibition. Their work is a major part of the exhibition and we are very proud of their creativity!

21 June 2019

Battle of the Bands!

21 June 2019

KS3 Regional Choir Competition Success!

Year 9 Choir were delighted to be awarded 2nd place in the North East Key Stage 3 Choir of the Year competition.

21 June 2019

LAMDA Triumph!

14 June 2019

Surf's up

Our students having a great time at Surf Club.

12 June 2019

A Day with Eddie Jones

A big shout out to our Year 10 Leader and PE Teacher, Mrs Cooper, as she tells us of her great experience with Eddie Jones. we are so proud of her. Having arrived into work I checked my e mails as I always do and was left pinching myself after seeing one from the R F U inviting me down to London to spend a day coaching in front of Eddie Jones, the England Rugby coach. My initial instinct was “why me, how on earth have I received this”? To say it was unexpected was an understatement, and it took me a few weeks to actually fully comprehend that I was actually going to do this. The thought filled me with dread although I was quietly excited. Boarding the train I was full of apprehension not knowing what to fully expect, however after meeting up with my fellow coaches on the Monday evening, I was assured we were all in the same boat and were all nervously excited for the next day. We were split into 4 coaching groups of 3 and had to plan a session to deliver to the London Irish Ace academy lads. This was a challenge in itself as each coach has their own individuality when delivering a session so working with people who I had only just met could have been perceived as a challenge although it was far from this. The session was planned and roles allocated ready to be delivered the following day. I recall Eddie walking through the doors at 10.30 as the place went silent, introductions were made and everyone was made to feel at ease. Our first task with Eddie was Q & A, although I’m not able to divulge too much from this (top secret) he did allow us an insight into his own coaching philosophy. Fundamentals were the key message and if these are right then every player will thrive and succeed. So, passing and catching movement patterns need to be developed not just from an early age but during every training session. Onwards we went to the pitch, where my coaching team had to wait for 3 sessions to conclude before we delivered our masterpiece. Some would say leave the best till last, the nerves were definitely kicking in now but quickly subsided once we started our delivery. The 20 minutes passed like a whirlwind and we were left thinking is that it? Eddie’s feedback was extremely positive (I’d actually forgotten he was watching me coach during the delivery) and he said that it looked like we had coached together for years and not just having met each other the night before. He questioned us on what we thought went well and what we could have done differently. Reflection is a key to improving and I can honestly say I am still reflecting on the experience. All in all it was a fantastic experience never to be forgotten. It confirmed that rugby truly does unite people and the rugby family will continue to grow and strengthen

10 June 2019

Parental Forum - Monday 17 June 2019

Parental Engagement Forum The school are to hold a meeting on Monday 17th June, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, in our library to hear parents’ views on the work of the school.  This is to help us in making decisions about the day to day running of the school and is open to any parents or carers. 

4 June 2019

St James' Park

A few of our Year 8 Students participated in a Literacy and Enterprise Project run by Newcastle United Foundation. To celebrate their achievement they were invited for a tour around St James Park. They had a fantastic term with Gavin @NU_Foundation bringing to life their ‘naughty hot dog’ idea.

4 June 2019

St James' Park

A few of our Year 8 Students participated in a Literacy and Enterprise Project run by Newcastle United Foundation. To celebrate their achievement they were invited for a tour around St James Park.

21 May 2019

Rising Sun Park Run

Our 2018 Competitors

5 April 2019

Ski Trip 2019

Matthew Dodds one of our year 10 Students tells us about their Adventures on the Italian Slopes.

10 January 2019

Cat and Dog shelter fund raiser

Mrs Muir, Miss Bonner and two year 9 students (Chloe Temulken and Erin Lord ) visited the shelter with donations for the animals raised by Longbenton students,staff and parents.