We have four school houses named after Northumberland castles: Alnwick, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh and Warkworth. Every student becomes a member of one of these houses when they join us in Year 7 and they stay in this house until Year 13. 


Alnwick: Amelia Atherton-Brand, Luke Ferry, Millie Briggs, Carrie-Anne Righton, Ayshe Gubbins

Bamburgh: Isaac Swansbury, Maisie Sampson, Alesha Merritt, Theo Brice, Bhumika Arora

Dunstanburgh: Lily Stephenson, Rowan Hogg, Laura Goodwin, Lydia Latimer

Warkworth: Ella Davison, Lauren Howorth, Ashton Proctor, Noah Breakwell, Ewan Whitfield, Kacee Sultman, Caleb Farrow


Year 7 - Vacancies / TBC Sept 23

Year 8 - Kathryn McKenna & Ollie Brown

Year 9 - Abdraheem Adedigba & Sophia Clark

Year 10 - Zoe Mills & Theo Nelson

Year 11 - Alma Finnegan & Giselle Robb

Sixth Form - TBC Sept 23


Our school values are based on the KIDMAP acronym which stands for Kindness, Integrity, Determination, Manners, Ambition and Positivity. Achievement points are awarded to students through Class Charts when they demonstrate these qualities around school and in lessons.