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Admissions for September 2024

We are heavily oversubscribed and currently full in Year 7 for September 2023 and have no additional spaces. North Tyneside Admissions hold the waiting list; you will need to contact them directly. This waiting list will be held with them until December 2023. Places on the waiting list will have the oversubscription criteria applied ie distance from school. The last child to be admitted under distance criteria for admissions in March 2023 lived 2.1 miles from the school. 

The admissions window opens in September with a deadline of 31st October for admissions into Year 7 for September 2024.

Our Open Evening this year is on Tuesday 26th September from 4-7pm.


In Year Applications / School Spaces

The only year group in which we currently (as of 7.09.23) have spaces is current Year 8. North Tyneside Admissions deal with in year transfers; you will need to follow the guidance here:


Year 6 Parent FAQs

We wanted a place for our child but have not been offered one - why not?

We are expecting to be oversubscribed in 2023 due to our increasing popularity. Distance to school and/or whether you are living in our catchment area is therefore a large factor in admissions this year. We have had previous years where everyone who wanted a place received one, as we had not reached our PAN (published admission number) of 180 in each year group. This year we appear to have exceeded that number significantly, so if you live out of catchment or further away and have named us as your first preference, unfortunately the equal preference / oversubscription criteria applies. Please refer to page 34 in the admissions guide here:

The instructions will be in your offer letter/email regarding the confirmation of places, how to accept/reject places and how to appeal against a decision.

You have until March 13th to accept/reject your place.

North Tyneside is our admissions authority; we do not deal with admissions independently. Any queries should be directed to  

Follow the steps and timeline here:


How do I ensure my child is on a waiting list for a place? How will I know where they are on that list?

We do not hold this information as a school; this is managed by North Tyneside admissions.


Who are your main primary feeder schools?

Our largest feeder primary is Benton Dene; our second largest feeder primary is currently Holystone, despite being just out of catchment. The other main schools within our catchment who feed into our high school are: Balliol, Forest Hall, and Ivy Road. This year we also have significant cohorts coming to us from St Barts, Bailey Green, St Mary's, St Stephens, Amberley, Westmoor, Grasmere and Burradon.


Further information

Detailed below are the admission arrangements that were determined by the Governing Body of Longbenton High School in accordance with the School Admission Code 2014.

For further information about school admission arrangements in North Tyneside contact the Access Team:

Tel: (0191) 6438724



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