If you are looking for a school that will challenge your child to achieve their very best and support them to grow into the happiest, best version of themselves that they can be, then Longbenton High School is your school of choice. 

We were rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in our June 2022 inspection where it was recognised that “pupils enjoy school…have positive attitudes…and become confident young people.” Our summer 2022 results were the best on record for us.

We are a small secondary school (with year groups of 180 students) and we pride ourselves on getting to know every individual. We are an increasingly popular choice for parents and our main aim and vision is to be the secondary school of first choice in the area. 

The school we are building together is based on our ‘KIDMAP’ values of kindness, integrity, determination, manners, ambition and positivity. Longbenton is a caring school and we know our students well. We have a warm/strict approach and focus heavily on ambitious, high standards of behaviour. Routines are a key element: this leads to a calm, positive atmosphere and climate.

Our vertical House system - alongside year based form groups - helps us to develop a real sense of community. We have a thriving school culture, with groups such as our LHS Equalities Team driving positive change around diversity and inclusion. Our school is about creating opportunities, instilling confidence and building the foundations for success.


Our aims for all teaching and support staff at Longbenton are:


  • A focus on clear priorities - without ‘drowning’ staff in new initiatives
  • An evidence informed approach to CPD, including plenty of opportunity for support-staff relevant CPD
  • Plenty of time to embed CPD and training in departments and teams
  • An open-door culture where best practice is shared and celebrated
  • To be mindful of teacher workload and ensure staff have a sensible work/life balance
  • To encourage participation in all aspects of school life outside of the classroom
  • To create a positive and supportive staff community
  • To provide appropriate role-specific training and encourage skills development for progression
  • To develop and nurture talent and our own excellent leaders, who in turn are able to nurture their own high performing teams
  • To support in the development of excellent relationships with students, parents and carers and our wider community


All students at Longbenton High School can expect:

  • to feel valued and safe
  • to work and learn together as a harmonious community based on mutual respect and our KIDMAP values
  • to be challenged to learn and explore new ideas
  • to be encouraged to think independently
  • to take responsibility for their own learning
  • to make excellent progress with the guidance, feedback and support that we give them
  • to benefit from an inspiring curriculum
  • to be encouraged to stay healthy
  • to become responsible, caring, moral citizens
  • to make positive contributions to the school, local and global community