10 September 2021

Our Period 6 Enrichment timetable starts Monday 13th September.

What is Period 6?

  • We have moved the end of Period 5 earlier to create room for extra-curricular activities, clubs and sports

  • These will run from 2.45-3.45pm every day apart from Tuesday (some clubs have slightly earlier finish times eg 3.30pm)

  • We want students to choose at least ONE club or activity to go to each week

  • Year 11 must attend Keep Up lessons until 3.15pm

  • The timetable may change slightly as we go through the year - more will be added as we go

  • These are the things students have have missed most due to the pandemic: activities where they can build friendships and skills, support your mental health and well-being and help us to develop our school culture & community

  • Details and the timetable are on our Extra Curricular page here: https://longbenton.org.uk/students/extra-curricular-activities