20 April 2020

We have updated our content specifically for Y11, 12 and 13 today (20th April 2020) to support you during this time at home.

Our bridging activities for Year 11 wishing to return to the Sixth Form in September have been updated here: https://longbenton.org.uk/students/ks4-home-learning-resources-y10-11/ne12-sixth-form-bridging-activities

There are new science tasks and subject progression grids for Creative & Performing Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, English & MFL, PE and Sport, IT Computer Science & Business and Science, Maths & Engineering. 

These resources are from the PIXL Project Futures initiative which is designed to help best prepare you academically, socially and emotionally for progression to further study and the world of work. There are brilliant Ted Talks, MOOCs and podcasts all hyperlinked from each progression grid. 

In addition, there are Project Future planning grids and parent/student guides here in the downloadable PDF section of our KS5 home learning page https://longbenton.org.uk/students/ks5-home-learning-resources-y12-13 Some of these are career specific if you are planning a different route to our sixth form. There are also planning grids for Y12 to help prepare for the return to Y13 eg UCAS applications.