27 November 2018

Working in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust our students have had an exciting opportunity to become involved in their award winning ‘Girls Active: Stepping up for Change’ girls’ leadership event. The course is all based around girls’ leadership and peer marketing to empower girls to influence PE, sport and physical activity in our school, increase their own and other’s participation, develop as role models and ‘sell’ PE, sport and physical activity to other girls. 

One of the topics covered was the limits that are often put on to girls and how to become unstoppable. The girls gave a presentation to the staff and students attending and they made an action plan. They plan on using their presentation in assembly and will conduct a survey with all the girls in Year 7 and 8 to gather data so they have a starting point. 
The girls involved  were   Liesel  Stent, Isabel Phelan ,Millie Clark, Keira  Lowe and Libby Sinclair. Their behaviour and conduct were outstanding.