21 November 2018

This week, students in year 10 and 11 have enjoyed hearing from ex-students of our school who kindly came in to deliver assemblies on the career pathways that they have pursued since leaving school.   Firstly, PC Kyle Brewis (age 24) came in to school on Monday to share his experience of working for Northumbria Police and inspired students with his knowledge of the police force and the many career paths it offers.  The passion Kyle has for his work was obvious from the start and kept students engrossed in the information he was sharing.


Following this, assembly on Tuesday was delivered by Victoria Dormand who left Longbenton in 2016 to study Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University.  Victoria’s enthusiasm and positivity again meant that students were fully engaged in her assembly which centred around university life and top tips for students who may be considering university in the upcoming years. 


The summary from both speakers was that the work our students are engaging with now at GCSE level unquestionably forms the foundations for their future choices and that a positive, resilient mind set goes a long way.  Kyle and Victoria have both offered to provide additional guidance to individuals via Miss Houlton if any students wish to find out more about Careers in the Police or University Life.  We thank them both very much for their willingness to help.