8 November 2018

As part of our Careers programme, our year 11 students recently enjoyed mixing with a range of employers and training providers within a mock interview event.  All students in year 11 prepared over a number of weeks for this event by generating CVs and practising interview style questions with their form tutors and peers.  On the day of the event, students met employers and training providers and were given a general mock interview in the format that might be expected of a sixth form/college/apprenticeship/job interview which year 11 are very likely to encounter in the upcoming year as they consider their Post 16 options.  All students received personalised feedback from their interview and were positive about the overall experience and the support this experience had provided.  Employer feedback was also very positive.  Notes detailed that students were polite, well prepared and engaging when discussing their goals for the future. 


One student to be especially congratulated is Morgan Sinclair whose interviewer visits schools regularly for careers education events and who outlined that Morgan had given the most detailed and engaging interview he had ever led in any school.  Well Done Morgan, a fantastic acknowledgment!