8 November 2018

Nine students in year 12 have been working for a number of weeks this term with Morpeth based professional Performing Arts organisation, November ClubNovember Club were commissioned by the Community Foundation to devise a short piece of theatre for performance in their North East GENerosity Festival: A Festival of Philanthropy and Giving.  Our students have been working alongside a team of professional actors and directors from November Club to devise a performance which communicates the opinions of young people on modern day philanthropy and the challenges faced when trying to give to charitable causes.  This week the group performed the debut performance of this theatre piece in the launch event to a large audience of 350 at the Discovery Museum in central Newcastle.  The students involved in the project include our five A Level Drama and Theatre Studies students as well as four other students who have an interest in theatre as a form of enrichment. 

Whilst at the event, our students were able to interact with a large number of charities in order to gain a greater understanding of how they run.  Additionally, students engaged with presentations from guest speakers including a key note by Professor Charles Harvey (Director of the Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy at Newcastle University).


Students will be performing the new commission again later in the festival at The Maltings, Berwick.