10 March 2016

Many schools look to encourage their students to read and our school is no different. Recently, there have been many new schemes introduced to encourage reading. We interviewed librarian Mrs Roberts to find out what her opinion on these schemes were. “Reading is a really important skill.” she told us. “Without reading, you can’t really access life.” She also told us that after talking with the English department they realised that there are some students who really dislike reading and won’t live their lives fully as a result.

Mrs Campbell was also interviewed and she told us that she loves to read Harry Potter to her 7 year old son and see him enjoy this fantasy world.

We asked some teachers and students for their favourite books. Some of those mentioned were: The Hunger Games, Catch 22, The Maze Runner, The Chronicles of Narnia, The BFG, The Mortal Instruments, Little Women and the Harry Potter series.

Shelfies, one of the reading schemes

Shelfies, one of the reading schemes

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