Y10 and 11 students: You will have a Google Classroom set up by your class teacher for each of your subjects. Please use this to access individual work and to submit work in the first instance. All of your updates will be through Google Classrooms.

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FAQs (please also see the PDF below - 'Getting Started on Google Classroom'

How do we upload student’s work into Google Classroom?

For some assignments, mark schemes and answers have been provided. Aside from this, you should upload the work back to the Google Classroom that it came from.

Instructions on how to do this are as follows:

Step 1: Go to classroom.google.com

Step 2: Click the class > Classwork > the assignment

Step 3: To attach an item: Under your work, click Add or create > select Google Drive (if you have completed the work in a Google doc, slide sheet or drawing), Link (not likely to be used) or File (if you have completed the work on software such as MS Word). Then select the attachment and add.

Step 4: Click turn in and confirm!

What if we don’t have MS word?

There are a number of viable options, either you can use Google’s own version of word (docs) with your child’s school Google account (should be the same details as their Google Classroom account) or you can download a software called Open Office (https://www.openoffice.org/) which is an open-source, free version of MS word and will create documents in exactly the same way.

In addition, if you know the details of your child’s school email account (email is the same as Google Classroom, password is the same as the password they use to log in to the computers at school), you should be able to get Microsoft Office for free (https://www.microsoft.com/engb/education/products/office).

My child has forgotten their password, what do I do?

Please contact the IT support team at aw@longbenton.org.uk or pl@longbenton.org.uk - we can then change the password to 'password' and it will prompt for a new password when you log in again.


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The British Library (for extra challenge!): https://www.bl.uk/works/macbeth



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KS4 Home Learning Resources (Y10-11)