Name Position
Quinn, Paul Headteacher
Holbrook, Kelly Deputy Headteacher
Williams, Ian Assistant Headteacher
Short, Val Assistant Headteacher
Callender, Sarah Assistant Headteacher
Peach, Anna Director of Support Services
Cooper, Rachel Year Leader (Year 11)
Gardner, Louise Year Leader (Year 7)
Maughan, Alex Year Leader (Year 10)
Leigh, Kevin Year Leader (Year 9)
McPherson, Nicola Year Leader (Year 8)
Anderson, Jen CL (Science)
Baldwin, Debbie CL (MFL)
Charlton, Mark CL (DT) 
Foley, Jon CL (Geography)
Houlton, Mary CL (Perfom) Associate SLT
Hunter, Eddie CL (Maths)
Little, Ian CL (SENCO)
Lowery, Lisa CL (RS)
Maclennan, Brett CL (Melrose)
Skinner, Louise CL (History)
Teale, Alison CL (ICT)
Towler, Ross CL (PE)
Westgarth, Anne CL (English) 
Younger, Jayne CL (Art)
Atkinson, Sarah Ass CL Maths
Cook, Ray Ass CL English
Dunworth, Jo Ass CL PE
Holland, Andy Ass CL Science
Main, Adam Ass CL Maths
Maughan, Alex Ass CL Drama
Oliver, Rosie Ass CL English
Purvis, Diane Ass CL Create
Williams, Mick Ass CL Melrose
Standish, Rowan PA to Headteacher
Anderson, Wendy Administrator
Sykes, Helen Administrator
Flynn, Natalie Finance Officer
Price, Lorna Receptionist
Smith, Lorraine Data Manager
Thompson, Rebekah Assistant Data Manager
Black, Terry Senior Technician
Hancox, Tracy Technician
Leslie, Paul Technician
Moutter, Suzanne Technician
Wake, Julia Technician
Wood-Bailey, Amber Technician
Thompson, Dave Site Manager
Evans, Andy Caretaker
Fairney, Peter Caretaker
Celino, June Cleaner
Edmondson, Angelina Cleaner
Ferris, Janice Cleaner
Hall, Diane Cleaner
Holland, Spencer Cleaner
Kelly, Pauline Cleaner
Wigham, Jackie Cleaner
Adair-McAuley, Jade Teacher (RS)
Bowman, Glen Teacher (ICT)
Brolly, Terry Teacher (English)
Cartwright, Rachel Teacher (PE)
Connor, Charlotte Teacher (Perform)
Cooper, Rachel Teacher (PE)
Davison, Paul Teacher (Maths)
Doucet, Emily Teacher (English)
Finn, Ruth Teacher (Science)
Freeman-Myers, Joe-Anne Teacher (Science)
Harold, Daniel Teacher (History)
Holland, Lizzie Teacher (Science)
Hutchins, Laura Teacher (English)
Jackson, Katie Teacher (Maths)
Johnson, Ben Teacher (DT)
Johnson, Claire Teacher (Maths)
Jones, Sophie Teacher (Maths)
Kaye-Murphy, Gemma Teacher (PE)
Kean, Paul Teacher (Music)
Kirk, Helen Teacher (FTC)
Lambert, Kat Teacher (Geography) 
Leigh, Kevin Teacher (Science)
Lewins Chelsie  Teacher (Humanities)
McKenna, Laura Teacher (English)
McPherson, Nicola Teacher (FTC)
Misra, Hannah Teacher (Science)
Moat, Michael Teacher (Geography) 
Newton-Scott, Rachael Teacher (DT)
Norton, Sarah Teacher (MFL)
Potts, Abbie Teacher (History)
Richardson, Helen Teacher (MFL)
Robinson, Ann-Marie Teacher (English)
Robinson, Lindsey Teacher (Art)
Rylatt, Mark Teacher (Maths)
Short, Ian Teacher (Science)
Sutherland, Graeme Teacher (Maths)
Thompson, Nicola Teacher (Maths)
Woodhouse, Becky Teacher (Art)
Wouldhave, Clare Teacher (ICT)
Wylie, Jemma Teacher (Science)
Kennedy, Lisa Behaviour and Welfare Co
Phillips, Allison Student Mentor
Wood, Susanne Family Support Worker
Muir, Linda HLTA
Bonner, Alexandra HLTA
Connor, Charlotte Cover Supervisor
Metcalfe, Francesca Cover Supervisor
Bennett, Jill HLTA
Keys, Louise HLTA
Wright, Gillian HLTA
Armstrong, Kate Learning Support Assistant
Austin, Josie Learning Support Assistant
Branco, Aoife Learning Support Assistant
Emmens, Kaleisha Learning Support Assistant
Purvis, Claire Learning Support Assistant
Roxborough, Anne Learning Support Assistant
Sadler, Dora Learning Support Assistant
Tilly, Heather Learning Support Assistant
Waugh, Greg Learning Support Assistant
Youens, Alicia Learning Support Assistant
Adams, John Teacher
Beadle, Alice Teacher
Lambert, Becky Teacher
Stack, Niamh Teacher 
Dool, Emme HLTA
Byron-Forster, Sophie Learning Support Assistant
Davison, Julia Learning Support Assistant
Howitt, Christine Learning Support Assistant
Palmeri, Anthony Learning Support Assistant
Peart, Emma Learning Support Assistant
Terry, Nicola Learning Support Assistant
Zielinska, Karolina Learning Support Assistant