Name Position
Mr P Quinn Headteacher
Mrs K Holbrook Deputy Headteacher
Mr I Williams Assistant Headteacher
Mrs V Short Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Callender Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Peach Director of Support Services
Mrs R Cooper Year Leader (Year 11)
Miss L Gardner Year Leader (Year 7)
Miss H Kirk Year Leader (Year 10)
Mr K Leigh Year Leader (Year 9)
Mrs N McPherson Year Leader (Year 8)
Mrs J Anderson CL (Science)
Mrs D Baldwin CL (MFL)
Mr M Charlton CL (DT) 
Mr J Foley CL (Geography)
Miss M Houlton CL (Perfom) Associate SLT
Mr E Hunter CL (Maths)
Mr I Little CL (SENCO)
Ms L Lowery CL (RS)
Mr B Maclennan CL (Melrose)
Mrs L Skinner CL (History)
Ms A Teale CL (ICT)
Mr R Towler CL (PE)
Mrs A Westgarth CL (English) 
Ms J Younger CL (Art)
Miss S Atkinson Ass CL Maths
Mr R Cook Ass CL English
Mr J Dunworth Ass CL PE
Mr A Holland Ass CL Science
Mr A Main Ass CL Maths
Mrs A Maughan Ass CL Drama
Mrs R Oliver Ass CL English
Ms D Purvis Ass CL Create
Mr M Williams Ass CL Melrose
Ms J Adair-McAuley Teacher (RS)
Mr G Bowman Teacher (ICT)
Mrs T Brolly Teacher (English)
Miss R Cartwright Teacher (PE)
Miss C Connor Teacher (Perform)
Mrs R Cooper Teacher (PE)
Mr P Davison Teacher (Maths)
Ms E Doucet Teacher (English)
Dr R Finn Teacher (Science)
Mrs J-A Freeman-Myers Teacher (Science)
Mr D Harold Teacher (History)
Mrs L Holland Teacher (Science)
Mrs L Hutchins Teacher (English)
Mrs K Jackson Teacher (Maths)
Mr B Johnson Teacher (DT)
Ms C Johnson Teacher (Maths)
Ms S Jones Teacher (Maths)
Mrs G Kaye-Murphy Teacher (PE)
Mr P Kean Teacher (Music)
Miss H Kirk Teacher (FTC)
Mrs K Lambert Teacher (Geography) 
Mr K Leigh Teacher (Science)
Miss C Lewins Teacher (Humanities)
Miss L McKenna Teacher (English)
Mrs N McPherson Teacher (FTC)
Miss H Misrah Teacher (Science)
Mr M Moat Teacher (Geography) 
Ms R Newton-Scott Teacher (DT)
Miss S Norton Teacher (MFL)
Miss A Potts Teacher (History)
Mrs H Richardson Teacher (MFL)
Mrs A-M Robinson Teacher (English)
Miss L Robinson Teacher (Art)
Mr M Rylatt Teacher (Maths)
Mr I Short Teacher (Science)
Mr G Sutherland Teacher (Maths)
Mrs N Thompson Teacher (Maths)
Mrs R Woodhouse Teacher (Art)
Mrs C Wouldhave Teacher (ICT)
Miss J Wylie Teacher (Science)
Mr J Adams Teacher (Melrose)
Mrs A Beadle Teacher (Melrose)
Mrs R Lambert Teacher (Melrose)
Mrs N Stack Teacher (Melrose)
Ms R Standish PA to Headteacher
Mrs W Anderson Administrator
Mrs H Sykes Administrator
Mrs N Flynn Finance Officer
Mrs L Price Receptionist
Miss L Smith Data Manager
Mrs L Clark Assistant Data Manager
Mr T Black Senior Technician
Mrs T Hancox Technician
Mr P Leslie Technician
Miss L Urwin Technician
Mrs J Wake Technician
Mr D Thompson Site Manager
Mr P Fairney Caretaker
Mr D Chilvers Caretaker
Mrs J Celino Cleaner
Miss A Edmondson Cleaner
Mrs J Ferris Cleaner
Mrs D Hall Cleaner
Mr S Holland Cleaner
Mrs  P Kelly Cleaner
Mrs J Wigham Cleaner
Miss L Foster Behaviour and Welfare Co
Mrs A Phillips Student Mentor
Ms S Wood Family Support Worker
Mrs L Muir HLTA
Miss A Bonner HLTA
Miss C Connor Cover Supervisor
Miss F Metcalfe Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Bennett HLTA
Mrs L Keys HLTA
Ms G Wright HLTA
Ms K Armstrong Learning Support Assistant
Miss J Austin Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Branco Learning Support Assistant
Ms K Emmens Learning Support Assistant
Ms C Purvis Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Roxborough Learning Support Assistant
Miss D Sadler Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Tilly Learning Support Assistant
Mr G Waugh Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Youens Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Dool HLTA (Melrose)
Miss S Byron-Forster Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Mrs J Davison Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Mrs C Howitt Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Mr A Palmeri Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Ms E Peart Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Mrs N Terry Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)
Ms K Zielinska Learning Support Assistant (Melrose)