4 January 2021

A letter from the headteacher with further information about remote learning tomorrow is on our newsletter page here https://longbenton.org.uk/parents/newsletters

The summary of key information for students and parent is:

  • Students will follow their normal timetable (we are on Week 1 of our two week timetable this week). If your child does not have their timetable, please contact the school office and we will be able to send you a copy. Please note: this is different to the way we have set work before. Students are not just completing static work; they are signing into live/streamed lessons. As such, they will need to follow expectations around behaviour and online etiquette.

  • Students will be participating in live lessons throughout the day which will be via Google Meet. The link to join each lesson will be in Google Classroom. KS3 students will need to click on the link for the correct subject teacher within their ‘year group’ Google Classroom. 

  • They need to sign into Google Classroom at the start of the day and go to the classroom of the subject they have Period 1. They will do this at the start of each lesson as per the timings below (note they are different for each key stage): 


    Period 1 

    Lesson 2 

    Lesson 3 

    Lesson 4 

    Lesson 5 

    Timings for online KS3 lessons 






    Timings for online KS4 lessons  






    Timings for online KS5 lessons 

    Morning lessons 9am-12pm 

    Afternoon lessons 12.45-2.45pm 

  • Please note that Year 12 and 13 lessons led by staff at GSHS are run through Teams rather than Google Meet; students need to ensure they check emails for the correct link. 

  • Lessons will be recorded by staff and uploaded so that students can watch them at a later time if needed. 

  • There will be no live lessons for: PSHE, key skills or core PE. If your child has this on their timetable, this is an opportunity for them to catch up on independent learning, take a screen break, get some fresh air or exercise. 

  • Students should treat these online lessons as a normal lesson and behave as they would in school. It is an opportunity to ask questions of their teachers, seek clarification about their work, get help and support and so on. 

  • If your child usually works with a teaching assistant, TAs should also be in your child’s online lesson. 

  • Teachers may set tasks to complete within the hour/as part of the lesson, but students shouldn’t spend longer than the hour on this, as they will need to join the next lesson at the correct time. They may also be set homework/independent learning tasks before the next lesson. 

Arrangements for key worker/vulnerable students in from Tuesday 5th January 

As you can appreciate, it has been difficult to arrange provision and set this up today. School should have been in contact with you today regarding this and to discuss arrangements; if they have not been able to speak to you, someone will have left a message or sent an email. It is important to note that the set-up is different to that last spring; students who experienced this last time will find arrangements are very different. They will essentially be in online lessons at a PC throughout the day, as their peers would be at home. Details are as follows: 

  • KS3 should arrive between 8.35-8.45 for a 9am start, through main reception 

  • KS4 should arrive between 8.50-9.00 for a 9am start, through main reception 

  • Students have been carefully grouped and will be directed to the right classroom from main reception. 

  • Students should bring a packed lunch.  

  • Students must wear their school uniform. They will have to go home and get changed if they are not in uniform. 

  • Students will follow the same timings and instructions as above. 

Please DO NOT send your child to school tomorrow unless you have requested a place or discussed this with the school first.