15 September 2020

Please find the latest letter from the Headteacher on our newsletter page here: https://longbenton.org.uk/parents/newsletters

This contains reminders about our Covid protocols and some more information following our first/only confirmed Covid case last week.

A reminder that our main Covid school protocols and expectations at Longbenton High School are:

  • Students use hand sanitiser on arrival and throughout the day on entering classrooms etc 
  • Students wear masks in corridors and in communal spaces – unless we have exemption information from parents. We cannot socially distance students in school within their bubbles – face masks are therefore important for staff and student safety when moving around the building. Please note: we cannot afford as a school to keep issuing masks to those who have forgotten to bring them. Parents will be contacted if students continue to arrive at school without a mask. If this happens on more than two occasions, students will not be allowed to socialise in communal areas at break and/or lunch and will have this time supervised by staff.  
  • Students keep to the left/single file in corridors (one-way system in KS3 bubble as there are two stairwells).
  • Students stay in their own 'bubble' or zone, use their own entrance/exit and toilets and do not cross bubbles.
  • Students maintain social distance from staff (there is an area at the front of the classroom which enables teachers to keep 2m distance) and staff keep social distance from other staff.