18 November 2019

On Monday 11th November, staff from Tyne Met College came in to inspire Year 9, 10 and 11 students to start thinking about a possible career in sport. The Sport Science staff set up lots of fun physical activities for the students to take part in, and they even had the chance to compare themselves to the national average. Some of the activities included a rowing machine, measuring their weight and height, a long jump and a timed 30 metre sprint. Many of the students tried new things throughout the sessions; the staff were very enthusiastic, but also considerate, giving us all lots of encouragement and feedback.


Furthermore, the staff set up a challenge during the day: who can row 300 metres in the least amount of time? Lot of students gave it their all in their attempt at rowing. Excitingly, one of our Longbenton Year 9 students won the competition, which is an outstanding achievement, and their prize was a free t-shirt.


Millie (Year 9)