9 October 2018

The day started with an inspiring talk from retired England international Katy Story who spoke to the girls about the challenges she faced as a teenager which included her first memory from the age of 5 crying because of her size. This was a real eye opener for our girls breaking the mould of the perfect body image.  

 We also had a talk by a lady who owns a gym. She spoke about her own anxieties around exams and how after having children she found herself a size 22. She decided to become a personal trainer and now has referrals from GPs to her gym for people with obesity, cancer, diabetes etc.


The last practical session of the day was with Morpeth harrier, Olympian, British record holder and Commonwealth  Medallist  Laura Weightman.  The girls were taken through a set of drills and shown a circuit they could do at home.


To close Laura spoke about success not always being in a straight line, how hurdles will come along but to overcome them. To never give up!


This work shop was delivered by real woman who have faced great challenges in their lives which only made them stronger and more determent to succeed. It was a truly fantastic day for all the girls! They came away with a t shirt, lots of information and great big smiles!