In the Science department at Longbenton Community College we provide a broad and balanced curriculum to offer personalised pathways to suit the needs of the learners.  The Science department is a dynamic and creative team who seek to provide lessons that engage, enthuse and offer opportunity to develop key skills required throughout their life and beyond.  The Science department encourage enquiry-based learning to allow the students to deepen their scientific understanding through practical application.


  • Dr G Roberts (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr G Hughes (Assistant Curriculum Leader)
  • Miss V Armstrong
  • Mrs J Freeman-Myers
  • Mr D Kiernan
  • Mr K Leigh
  • Miss J Foreman
  • Mrs K Alderson
  • Mr T Black (Senior technician)
  • Mrs J Wake
  • Mr P Leslie
  • Miss A Johnston

KS3 (Years 7-9)

During KS3 pupils build on their prior scientific knowledge and understanding and make connections between different areas of science.

The course is divided into 5 key concepts that are taught across the key stage through numerous topics.  The key concepts are:

  • Cells
  • Interdependence
  • Particles
  • Forces
  • Energy

At KS3 pupils have 4 lessons of science a fortnight.  They cover approximately 4 topics a term and tested at the end of a topic.

KS4 (Years 10-11)

All KS4 pupils cover at least 2 GCSE’s.  Students depending on ability pupils will either study Double Award Science or the three separate sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Double Award

Students will cover the equivalent of 2 GCSE’s over 2 years. The course is generally taught by 2 teachers within the department covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics and practical skills. The students will be examined on all of the content in May/June of Year 11. It is possible to proceed from this courses onto the A-level sciences but some transition work will be required.

Triple Science

Students will cover the 3 GCSE’s over 2 years and will be taught be specialists for Biology, Chemistry and Physics who will also cover the practical skills relevant to their subject.  The students will be examined on all of the content in May/June of Year 11.  This course is ideal for pupils who have previously achieved a very good pass rate in Science and/or wish to proceed with Science at higher education.

KS5 (Years 12-13)

Students can opt to study A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  This option is available to all students who achieve at least a B at GCSE in the relevant subject and a B in Mathematics.

Students who enjoy science but do not wish to take an A level route can study our new Level 3 vocational Applied Science course.  This course will be assessed through a combination of a portfolio of work and external examinations.  This vocational courses can be used as a route either into further educational, or is ideal as a route into industry due to its practical nature.