We are very proud of the PSD programme at LHS. Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 we aim to provide students with all the tools they need to become critical thinkers, good citizens, informed decision makers and empowered individuals.  PSD is used to encourage students to take charge of their own lives and to become the best people they can possibly be.

PSD is taught once a week to all year groups, apart from in Year 9 where it is taught once a fortnight.  Staff in the PSD department are passionate about delivering the subject effectively and we regularly work with outside agencies such as Connexions and the School Nurses to provide an interesting, useful, comprehensive curriculum.

Key Stage 3

  • In Year 7, students start by completing a module designed to help them settle into high school.  This includes lessons on organisation and time management, taking care of themselves and others, and dealing with new friendship groups.  Year 7 then go on to study modules on bullying, growing up (including changes during puberty and LGBT issues), setting personal boundaries, e-safety, careers and financial awareness, crime, and disability. Students are also given a brief introduction to the topic of substance use, misuse and abuse, including risks around e-cigarettes/’vaping’.


  • In Year 8, students complete modules on self-esteem, friendships and relationships, growing up (including a recap on changes during puberty and where to find useful advice) and living healthy lifestyles through healthy eating, sleeping well and taking care of personal hygiene.  Students also complete modules on the media (including a lesson on news and ‘fake news’), the environment, bereavement, social networking and e-safety, careers and financial awareness, and politics.  Students also complete a basic first aid module toward the end of the year in which they find out how to check situations for danger, put someone in the recovery position and how to treat ailments safely while waiting for medical help.


  • In Year 9, students complete a year-long module entitled ‘Informed Choices’. This starts with a two-lesson study on good decision making and critical thinking, encouraging students to take charge of and responsibility for big decisions which they will be making over the coming years.  Students move on to study careers, including career paths and GCSE options.  Students also study financial awareness.  Students then study units on sex and relationships (including setting boundaries, having high standards, STIs and contraception), drugs, alcohol and smoking.


Key Stage 4

  • Students receive their PSD in KS4 through ‘Core RE’ (see Religious Studies section).  During Years 10 and 11, students’ personal and social development is advanced by them studying modules on dealing with GCSEs, including lessons on good organisation, useful revision techniques, time management and dealing with stress.  Students also receive lessons which help them to develop their skim-reading skills and to better understand key GCSE command words.  We have tried to integrate portions of KS4 PSD with other subjects to give students an enhanced experience of their examination years.  As well as these things, students also continue to study relationships (including marriage and divorce, LGBT issues, staying safe and pornography), careers and financial awareness.

Citizenship Education

  • Citizenship education is integrated into KS3 PSD and KS4 ‘Core RE’/PSD lessons (see also Religious Studies section).  This is in the form of modules being taught in Year 8, Year 10 and Year 11 on government, democracy, volunteering and taking care of the environment .