Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM club occurs every week, it combines 4 subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is a great opportunity for students to explore these subjects beyond the curriculum and develop skills through project work both individually and as a team. STEM club can be a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students with STEM subjects. They can be fun and fulfilling for students. Through STEM Club, students gain practical, team work and leadership skills, their confidence and engagement in STEM increases as well as their motivation to study STEM and enter STEM careers.

Some projects we have covered:

STEM in a box Year 7 2014: students completed a project to create a model plane.

Smallpiece trust Year 10 2015: Students took part in a competition to create a super capacitor car, we came 3rd!

University visits 2016 Year 11: STEM students are given special opportunities to visit universities and take part in lab activities ran by science students.

Electronics project Year 7 and 8 2016: STEM students are currently completing an electronics project for a dice and board game.