We are passionate about Student Voice at Longbenton High School. We know that giving students the chance to express their views and effect change is a major factor in improving teaching and learning and in promoting inclusion. Our vision for Student Voice is for it to build bridges and increase inclusion both within school and in the local community. We also want our students to grow up aware of and involved in the democratic process locally and globally. Student Voice at Longbenton works in different ways. A big part of it is our Student Council which has been very influential in the last couple of years. Student Council Representatives are responsible for making sure the viewpoints of the whole student body are heard by staff, the local community and the Local Authority and for reporting back to the student body about what has changed.

In subjects, selected students are responsible for feeding back their ideas and concerns about the curriculum to their teachers. This might be done by students taking part in surveys or just by having a chance to meet with their teachers in an informal setting for a chat.

We are looking forward to making Student Voice at Longbenton bigger and better than ever this year –  In the past students have been voted onto the Student Council by members of their year group, however this year we decided to encourage students to apply to be a member of the Student Council. The reason we decided to change the application process was we felt that students who volunteered rather than being voted for were more confident and proactive within the role. 

Currently we have 15 members on the Student Council.

The following is just some of the changes student voice has recently made:

Changes made to the non-uniform ‘Golden Ticket’ system. More students rewarded with a non-uniform day as a result of the changes.