Following the removal of National Curriculum levels in Key Stage Three schools have been given the autonomy to develop their own assessment systems for year 7 from September 2016.  This enables schools to have much greater flexibility in how they assess students’ progress.

At Longbenton High School we will be using an assessment system based on the acquisition of key skills to move through each area of study.  In all subjects students’ knowledge and understanding of each area will be assessed as Emerging, Developing, Securing or Mastering which

  • Emerging : Beginning to grasp some of the main ideas and skills in the Y7 curriculum
  • Developing : Grasped some of the main ideas and concepts and skills in the Y7 curriculum
  • Securing : has a secure understanding of the main concepts and skills in the Y7 curriculum
  • Mastering : demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and skills in the Y7 curriculum

Each curriculum area has their own criteria for progression across the key areas of the Year 7 curriculum; these are detailed below.




Design Technology


Food and Textiles






Physical Education

Religious Studies



Students in year 7 have now been set targets in all subjects which are based upon the Key Stage Two scores they attained in English and maths and also the work they have completed in the Autumn term at Longbenton High.  For example a student may have a target of 7S (Secure understanding) in mathematics and a target of 7D (Developing understanding) in Art.