A lifelong involvement in physical exercise is essential to achieving a healthy body, allowing the development of a healthy mind. In the PE Department at Longbenton, it is our aim that students leave school with an understanding of a range of activities, through the teaching of a broad curriculum and an expansive extra-curricular offering.

We work as a team to plan courses that are stimulating and enjoyable, giving pupils the opportunity to develop core fundamental motor skills, as well as sport specific skills and fitness levels. We have a clear focus on the development of pupils as both individuals and team members, encouraging the ability to communicate effectively, and with confidence and empathy.

Our Key Stage Three courses focus on development in a variety of activities. We place great emphasis on skill development and improving oracy in these years though a variety of teaching and learning techniques. Pupils’ performance and understanding is continually assessed, to chart improvement in PE while at Longbenton.

During Key Stage Four, the curriculum becomes more autonomous. Here, students choose the path they wish to follow, allowing each pupil to tailor their PE lessons to their individual needs. Wherever possible, lessons place a greater focus on tactics and composition. It is our belief, that by allowing pupils to design their own curriculum, they are more likely to pursue a lifelong involvement in physical activity.

At Key Stage Four, pupils can also choose to study PE as an academic subject. We offer both GCSE PE (a subject appropriate to any pupil looking to study PE at higher education) and BTEC Sport- perfect for any pupil looking to work in the industry.

Extra-curricular opportunities are vital to a pupil’s school experience and within the PE department; we offer an abundance of this. As well as skiing and Outdoor Adventurous Activity trips, we have two satellite clubs (sailing and volleyball) as well as a plethora of other clubs, including football, netball, rugby, trampolining, dance and more.