Year 7 Catch-Up Funding 2016 / 17

The government has provided the catch-up premium which gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard at the end of key stage 2 (KS2).  The funding is to enable schools to deliver additional support for those pupils who need it.


Strategic View

The data for our Year 7 shows that the intake is broadly in-line with national averages.  However, there are weaknesses, particularly within reading and associated skills for boys.  In moving into our new school we have made the LRC library a focal point in the school with all English classrooms facing out on to the library..  However, there is a shortage of reading material that will appeal to 11-13 year old boys with a reading age that is much younger.  A greater focus on reading is important across the wider school but we need to provide a more engaging reading scheme to these students in particular.

Having researched options and taken advice the decision that has been reached is to use catch-up funding to equip the school to deliver the Renaissance Accelerated Reader programme.


Anticipated Costs:

Subscription costs

Scheme management costs

New book purchase costs

Staffing costs in categorising existing library stock


Impact Assessment

All students will have reading ages checked at the start and end of Year 7. The progress of students who were below expected standard in reading, writing and GPVS will be measured across that year.  The impact anticipated is that these students have made better than expected progress compared to age expectations and compared to their peers.


Other Interventions to Support Students in Year 7

  • One to one support in lessons and through structured time out of class.
  • Reading club before school.
  • Small group maths intervention.
  • Small group literacy intervention.
  • Support from external agencies including mentoring and counselling.
  • Homework support 5 days a week in the library.
  • Staff training on transition to better understand pedagogy, assessment and curriculum in KS2 to negate the dip experienced during transition.
  • All English lessons to start with 10 minutes of private reading.


Overall Impact Assessment

The students who were eligible for this funding will be supported to make at least age expected gains in reading and GPVS.  Those who were behind in maths will make at least age expected gains during this year.